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Contact us first.
Return Address
What we will refund or exchange.
Contact us first.  by  Admin
You must first contact us before initiating any return, refund, or exchange. Failure to do so may void any return, refund, or exchange rights you may have under the terms of your purchase.
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Return Address  by  Admin
If we request that you mail the item back to us, please send it to the following address:

Vinyl Wall Art Inc.
PO Box 822
West Jordan, Utah 84084

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What we will refund or exchange.  by  Admin
Within 30 days of purchase we will reship, refund the full cost and shipping, or exchange any items, standard or customized that: 
1. Fails to adhere to a clean, smooth, dry surface.
2. Where delivered with incorrect order specifications (color, size, etc.)
3. Where delivered damaged and/or unusable.

Within 30 days of  purchase we will gladly fully refund the cost of any undamaged and unused standard size and color items upon return receipt.  Return shipping cost are paid for by the customer.

Custom size or custom color items cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged.

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