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Whatís up with the Chevron?

Posted by Abby on 2/1/2012 to New Decals
Black X-Large Chevron Decal on an accent wall.

So have you noticed this simple pattern cropping up everywhere lately? 

I sure have. 

We introduced a vinyl wall decal Chevron design last year and right away it started selling well. It continues to be one of our best sellers. 

I donít advertise this much on the site, but we get several inquiries a week about customizing the size of the Chevron to fit individual needs. Because it is a simple geometric design it is easy for me to do that. But with each passing day I continue to be surprised at the amount of attention the Chevron is getting. 

 As I write this blog I am working with a customer who is covering a 20 foot wall with Chevronís 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall. Intrigued by what she was doing I put some up in our shop. I have got to admit I really like it. So I went and did a little research wondering if there was some sort of subconscious link to this symbol that we were all starting to connect to. 

MmmmÖ didnít find much. Nobody really knows just were the Chevron symbol comes from. Which is not surprising, it is a simple symbol that shows up just about throughout any recorded history. More recently Ė in the past couple of thousand years anyway Ė it is typically used as a symbol of strength and peace. It also shows up in number of military flags and is used today quite often in military insignia. So I donít see any connection there. 

Looking around the house I noticed we have had it around for quite a few years. Our favorite winter time Ďcuddleí blanket is a thick knitted Chevron pattern. And I found it on pillows, book covers, and even some of the kidís clothes. So I still donít know the answer to whatís up with the popularity of the Chevron. But thatís OK, we really donít need an answer. 

 For me, I feel like it provides a weave pattern to the wall, almost like hanging a blanket there. It makes a room feel more dynamic and warm at the same time. At least that is what I am getting out of my king size Chevron. 

So, whatís up with the Chevron? 

If it clicks for you, write me and let me know why. Maybe between the two, or more, of us we can figure this out. 

 Have fun!

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 Whatís up with the Chevron?

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